"The dawn is here my brother! Dawn! Look in our faces,
A new morning breaks in our old Africa"

- Dawn in the Heart of Africa
, Patrice Lumumba

Never Ending Opportunity!

The NEO Africa Foundation is a United States-based non-profit organization founded by a group of Ghanaian professionals working in America. NEO stands for Never Ending Opportunity, and the word itself means new and different, both descriptions we consider as fitting for the Africa we envisage. The aim of the foundation is to contribute to human capital development in sub-Saharan Africa by:

  • Extending merit-based educational scholarships to talented underprivileged students
  • Pioneering national internship programs in Africa, with the U.S. corporate internship system as our model
  • Creating a life-time mentorship program to connect successful African professionals to motivated African youth
  • Selectively providing enterprise seed capital to applicants with exceptional entrepreneurial promise
  • Engaging the youth in effective social reform through leadership training and  community service programs

We believe that persistently high poverty levels in sub Saharan Africa have rendered many youth ill equipped to reach their potential. With the help of Africans in the Diaspora and friends of Africa worldwide, we hope to create a new Africa, where the youth can truly believe that the sky is the limit and pursue their dreams with the same fearlessness and unbounded expectation that we have found in America. Starting with a blueprint in Ghana, NEO will provide services through three major programs:

Vocational, Secondary and Tertiary Education Program (VSTEP)
Job Creation and Career Program
Community Service Program


An integral part of all these programs is to match every young person we touch with a mentor from our global network who will guide the mentee to become a productive member of society and ultimately, a role model to others.


Our Current Fundraising Initiatives

Support The Black Star Campaign Now! The Black Star Campaign is a celebration of all true patriots of Ghana and a call for Ghanaians everywhere to unite in pursuit of excellence. Our goal is to raise funds over the next two years through wristband sales in Ghana and abroad. Funds raised will be used to supplement funds from our other fundraising campaigns and be dedicated to the following education, job creation and community service programs. Click here to find out more about this latest campaign.



Each of the founding members of NEO has made a lifetime commitment to contribute one paycheck every year to the organization’s activities. This is a powerful statement of our passion for a better Ghana, and we have no doubt that there are many others who share this vision. “1 Paycheck” is not just about money.


For most people, it represents two weeks of work; 80 grueling hours! Your annual paycheck contribution can be literal (financial) or symbolic, such as 80 hours of mentoring children in Ghana or volunteering for future projects. Click here to sign up. We invite you to join this unprecedented labor of love for Mother Ghana.