Career and Job Creation (CJC) Program


To provide career development assistance and entrepreneurial opportunities to talented African youth.


The NEO Entrepreneurial Support Program is still under design. We hope to launch this initiative in early 2007 to provide enterprise seed capital for African youth with exceptional entrepreneurial promise.


Our strategy for career development in Africa is to establish national internship programs, using the U.S. corporate internship system as our model. Through these programs, we hope to reverse the prevailing trend in most parts of Africa, where well-connected students, rather than the most deserving students, have access to most of the scarce opportunities available for exciting and rewarding careers. The NEO Internship Program is currently underway in Ghana, and will remain the primary focus of the CJC team through 2006. Below is a brief description of our ongoing pilot:


Project Description: Ghana Corporate Internship Program
Target: Small to Medium Enterprises
Status: 3 firm commitment slots obtained

Value Proposition

  1. Candidate Search:
    Sourcing talented people is no easy task. To alleviate this burden, we hand-pick the internship candidates for our corporate partners using rigorous selection criteria. The internship recruiting team comprises talented professionals who have learned from their own career experiences with some of the most successful companies in America.
  2. Sponsored Candidate Tryout:
    We sponsor a 2-month trial period for the candidate. In essence, we pay the candidate for the trial period, instead of our corporate partners - a win-win deal!
  3. Training and Career Development:
    Our underlying philosophy is to maximize the potential of all our candidates. Hence, we provide comprehensive training for our internship participants to help them develop a strong work ethic and the necessary technical, organizational and/or communication skills required to make them successful employees. We also match each intern with a mentor from our network to ensure easy access to career counseling and other relevant insights from more experienced professionals.
  4. Corporate Advertising and Exposure:
    Companies that participate in our internship program gain good publicity, advertising opportunities and access to our global network of students and professionals.

How to Participate

Ghanaian-based companies interested in joining our pilot program are encouraged to contact us directly for more information. We welcome any ideas that could make this a more effective program!